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Chatting with Ana~All Things Strange [Attractors] (2022-Present) — Updates Below!


Thanks for all those chatting with me about my debut novel Strange Attractors. Let me catch you up on what's been happening here at the Wrenn's Nest.

I'm having delectable conversations on Twitter with several enthusiastic and engaged readers, explaining why Strange Attractors has done so well in several categories over at Amazon (Smooches 😘 for those Top 10, Top 5, Top 2, Top 1 rankings).

Want to know more about Drs. Sonja J. Storey and Crystal Byrd? Maybe you want some behind-the-scenes tasty morsels. Or perhaps you're looking for tidbits about my creative process. Well, thankfully, several of your favorite authors and reviewers have chatted with me recently. Pull up a chair, grab your drink of choice, and stay a bit.

First, let's linger with the fabulously wonderful and bestselling author Lee Winter for some good ole Q&A about Ice Queens and Appalachia...


Now, let's head over to Jae's neck of the woods. Yes, that's the bestselling and beloved author of books like Just A Touch Away. I sat down with Jae's Reader Group over at Facebook, and we talked about frosty Professor Storey, brilliant and beautiful Dr. Crystal Byrd...and I gave a sneak peek of what's next from me.

I thought I would invite over an author...This month's guest is Ana K. Wrenn, who just published her debut novel, "Strange Attractors," with Ylva Publishing and is getting wonderful reviews. ~Jae

What a delightful time I've had chatting with my fellow Ylva authors, Lee Winter & Jae. Fingers crossed, we'll have future conversations about life, loves, and libraries full of luscious books.

For now, though, we're visiting with the Hyperactive Bookworm herself, the utterly delightful Neen Cohen. Find out why she and I suspect we got separated at birth, and it only has a bit to do with our shared love of Shattered by Lee Winter. You'll need to stay a while because when Neen and I get to talking...well, you'll see.

I finished "Strange Attractors" and I'm like...what? It was one of those amazing books. I know I have to read this thing again ~Neen Cohen, the Hyperactive Bookworm

Don't have time for our crazy-fun chat, check out Neen's Reader and Writer Wrap Up. She sold me on several other books — and I don't just say that because she does some divinely lovely "fangirling" about me and Strange Attractors.

Keep checking back for updates. Other delights are hatching in the Wrenn's Nest.

Hugs n' Kisses,


Wrenn Flies Over to The Geek Girls Story Salon (May, 2023)

July 15, 2023

It's been a busy but wonderful spring and summer. It started this May (2023) with me being invited on The Geek Girls Story Salonwhere Jen Giacolone and I chatted about my debut novel Strange Attractors,ice queens, and chaos theory.

And just look at these lovely teas Jen had specially blended in honor of my protags inStrange Attractors,Drs. Sonja J. Storey and Crystal Byrd.

Check out Jens awesome podcast and her poetry project (WOW! Did you see the amazing people she features?). And be on the look out for her forthcoming book, The Art of the Chase (Ylva Publishing).

Stay tuned for a peek into my grand time at the 2023 Golden Crown Literary Society Conference in Denver, CO (coming soon).

Wrenn Flies to Denver for GCLS (June & July, 2023)

Photo credit: Laura Green (Sapphic Book Review)

July 16, 2023

What a joy it was to attend my first (but not last) Golden Crown Literary Society Conference in Denver. I got to meet a ton of great people, both readers and writers, and was involved in some fabulous panels.

I talk about it more in the July edition of my newsletter.

The opportunity to meet readers ofStrange Attractors was certainly a highlight, and I took lots of selfies and gave away some goodies (pic below) to the readers who bought my book at the conference — and I was THRILLED that ALL available copies sold out. YAYYYYY! (or YEEhaw, as some still say in these parts, but not all, so let's avoid being reductionistic.πŸ˜‰).

Of course, I brought home several books signed by fellow authors, and I'm looking forward to diving in to their worlds and meeting their characters.

Photo credit: Neen Cohen (Hyperactive Bookworm)

Here are just a few pics. It's hard to capture how warm and welcoming the GCLS attendees were.

Photo credit: GCLS

And, of course, as soon as I returned home, I went all post-summer camp and made collages to try capturing some of the golden times at the 2023 Golden Crown Literary Society con.heartkiss

Strange Dinner Party & Rain Boots and the Cow Wallow (July 2023)

Photo credit: Laura Green

August 8, 2023 (posted); interview (July 2023)

What a busy summer it's been.

Revisions of my manuscript have taken up most of my time, but in between, I've gotten to have great chats on podcasts and at the 2023 Golden Crown Literary Society Con.

One of the highlights of my summer was sitting down with my new bestie, Laura Green, The Sapphic Book Review Podcast.

Laura asks such great questions, and I got to talk about a really weird (fantasy) dinner party (between Drs. Sonja J. Storey, Crystal Byrd, Requiem, Alison, Bess Campbell, and Margaret Gale)and that time that I got stuck in a cow wallow, but don't worry....I was wearing my magickal red rain boots.

Stay tune...summer isn't over yet.πŸ’‹

The Rise of Dark Academia — TLR Con (August 2023)

August 25, 2023

Join me and other awesome authors for the TLR Con (August 25-27, 2023). On Saturday (August 26th), I'll be participating in a virtual panel, "The Rise of Dark Academia."

There are all sorts of panels, though, including ones about speculative fiction, writing, dark romance, so check out that schedule (

Wrenn Takeover: Geek Girls Story Salon (December 2023)

December 2023

Wrenns are feisty, so don't be startled if they take over another territory ... which is exactly what I did.

Atthe Geek Girls Story Salon (December 8, 2023),I had the joy of putting Jen Giacalone in the hot seat when I became the guest geek-in charge on her podcast. We talked about her awesome book,Art of the Chase,sexy travel companions, and some other delicious tidbits.

IHS: Ana K. Wrenn Author Interview (January 2024)

January 2024

What a fun interview I had with I Heart Sapphic. I talk writing process, quirks, Strange Attractors, and Lee Winter's Shattered,of course.