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About Ana

Ana K. Wrenn is a professor emeritus, retired researcher, and now full-time writer whose debut novel is a love poem to frosty educators (Connect at

A retired communication professor and full-time writer, Ana K. Wrenn is rooted in the Southern Appalachian Mountains with her growing family of choice, including multiple cats and dogs, all adopted from the local shelter.

Ana now calls East Tennessee her home, but Western North Carolina will always be in her heart. That's where she spent her childhood and early adulthood. Prior to moving to East Tennessee, she taught in Georgia where she earned a PhD. She's also lived in Kentucky, and, briefly, in Maryland and Northern India.

Intrigued by women's hidden, and sometimes dark, worlds, she explores the beauty that females cultivate in the bleakest times.

When not writing, Ana can be found hiking in the dense forests of Appalachia, sipping wine at a bistro, or reading a book (curled up in front of a fireplace is preferred but optional).

Ana's a member of the Women's Fiction Writers Association, Golden Crown Literary Society, and Tennessee Mountain Writers.

She writes fiction/nonfiction, novels/research, and dark/light. She'll see you in the untamed, wild woodlands, if you'll join her. You'll have to venture off the beaten path, though, and head for the patch of moss under the towering oak tree.

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