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Bestselling Novel & Audiobook

Strange Attractors

This Amazon bestselling* thriller is available everywhere books are sold. The audiobook reached#1 in LGBTQ+ Thrillers & Suspense.

[Trigger warnings: flashbacks (non-graphic) to and discussions of abuse/sexual abuse/nonconsensual sex, sexism, and racism; alcohol use; mental health; profanity]

Abby Craden narrates my debut novel and calls it, "Deep, dark and captivating."

What do others say about my debut novel?

"This debut my book of the year." ~Lee Winter, author of Breaking Character


"Wrenn perfectly and unflinchingly captures an important female character we rarely get to read in literature." ~Shannon Kirk, internationally bestselling author of Method 15/33


"From start to finish this book held me captive. Even when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it." ~Rachel LH, The Lesbian Review


"Rarely am I so blown away by a book — certainly by a debut novel. I predict this will catapult Wrenn into the stratosphere in sapphic literature. Jump on the bandwagon now, folks. Great stuff." ~Guerunche's Review


"Ana K. Wrenn quite deliberately 'plays a game' with the reader and and all I can say was that it totally won me over." ~Bookista's Reviews

What happens when you teach chaos theory and life starts to mirror your lessons?

Fierce and frosty high achiever Professor Sonja J. Storey is on the verge of seizing power in her department. She has exacting plans to remake her backwoods North Carolina university, just as she has painstakingly remade herself.

Sonja’s perfectly ordered life takes a dramatic turn when she meets laid-back, magnetic junior professor Dr. Crystal Byrd.

But then come threatening notes, sinister emails, and shadowy nocturnal figures, and suddenly, Sonja’s controlled world starts to tremble like a butterfly in a storm.

Is someone out to get her? Is it a specter from Sonja’s past? It’s hard not to be suspicious of everyone, even intoxicating Crystal with her temptingly warm presence.

Seeing danger everywhere, Sonja must hunt down the source of the chaos before she loses her brilliant mind, and her chance at the one thing she’s never known—love.

*LGBTQ+ Thriller & Suspense Bestseller (November 11, 2022 & December 27, 2022)

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