Ana K. Wrenn portrait



February 10, 2022

Something beautiful dropped into the Wrenn’s nest: my gorgeous book cover by the team at Ylva Publishing and Streetlight Graphics.

While it typically takes wren eggs between 9-16 days to hatch, it took the vibrant cover of my debut novel Strange Attractors over three months to come into this world.

Now it’s here, and I am in love.

Starting last October, I began working with Jenny, a Senior Editor at Ylva. Answering tons of questions, I provided the graphics team with ideas about the mood, content, and tone I envisioned for my book-baby.

Then, the Ylva team went to work ( editor, the best-selling and beloved author Lee Winter, advised the cover artists since she's helped nurture my debut for over a year).

An avid reader, I had nevertheless remained clueless about the work that the publishers, designers, and artists put into a single book cover. It takes me forever to get a sentence just right. Well, the fine folx at Ylva and Streetlight Graphics are equally exacting when creating a cover. The font style and placement, the colors and hues, the images: these are crafted by professionals with great eyes, steady hands, and big hearts.

I love the cover, and I hope you do too. Once again, the Ylva team reminds me that an egg never hatches on its own. Thank you and congratulations to the entire team.

This jewel-tone beauty is getting ready to fly into your hands!